Sima StillingsAn affirmative, non-judgmental approach especially helpful to executives, professionals as well as individuals wanting measurable change-symptom relief as well as stress reduction. A forum for disenfranchised, judged and previous treatment failures—hopeful, internal, spiritual strengths focus.

Strong grasp of clinical theory (therapist was pre-med before coming to psychotherapy) and specifically early object relations theory but not necessarily dwelling on family of origin material—more finding joy, happiness as well as distress tolerance and success in the NOW. 18 years experience in both mental health and addictions (behavioral/substances — 7 credentials) special expertise in where addiction (where individuals can develop a negative relationship with substances/alcohol) and many learning moderate and responsible drinking skills (listed as Moderation Management Resource for DC, MD and VA).

More than three quarters of clients remaining in brief or extended therapy report lasting symptom relief, growth, job promotions-realized goals. 100% paperless, confidentiality assured relieves fears for those with security clearances, private pay (not insurance filing, common with referrals often coming from previous clients—military, Hill employees, high profile clients).

Four office locations in response to client feedback wishing added convenience. Call or email today and I'd love to speak to you further, answering any questions you may have-a no strings attached assessment is a good starting point - 244-257-8550, (mobile - you WILL be called back) and email:

"Incremental change can be monumental".

"Results, relief in 2012!"